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What we do

We supply internet and VoIP to farms and businesses in rural areas and

some parts of the Waterberg district in Limpopo.

We have also partnered with other providers
to bring connectivity solutions to the rest of S.A.



Approved Internet Speed Tests

If you suspect you might have bandwidth issues please use one of the

following verified speed tests.

If you suspect you might have bandwidth issues please use one of the following verified speed tests.

Consulting For Your Business

for custom quotes and network planning

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) --Under Construction--

We use a combination of Fixed wireless, high speed microwave and fibre optic technology to deliver broadband to your home or business. An antenna dish is placed on your roof and aimed towards one of our towers.

We cannot be held liable for damages or loss of internet connection due to tampering or negligence at the client’s site. 

As the age old saying goes: have you tried turning it off and on again?, rebooting your equipment (by unplugging the router and dish at the wall socket) could solve basic connectivity problems.
Disconnect devices currently not in use to prevent updates or downloads to slow down your online experience.
Windows update can sneak up on you and run in the background without your knowledge (to see if the computer is currently updating, click on start – settings gear icon in windows 10 – scroll down and select Update & Security, it will then show you the status of the update if any). If an update is currently downloading you can opt to pause the update for 7 days (not recommended) or wait for the update to finish before resuming your online activities.
Also consider making sure that your monthly subscription or account is paid in full.

a Temporary solution to your router defaulting is to move the network cable coming from the black box (POE power for the dish) to the blue WAN port, you can then reconnect to your wifi and continue to use your service until one of our technicians are able to assist you with setting up the router again, either remotely (if possible) or on site (call-out fees apply.)

P.O.E. Safety And Information