Wisurf believes in empowering everyone from household clients to SMEs to enjoy IT products and services at the most affordable rates and prices. Accordingly, Wisurf believes in the principles of Internet for everyone and every budget at surprising quality standards.

 We provide the following services:1. Fibre Internet over Fixed Wireless Networks:

We operate our own licensed wireless communication network through which we provide Capped and Uncapped Internet accessibility services.

Our strict network maintenance and constant upgrade standards sustain fast service delivery at quality levels and prices unmatched by our competitors.

Wisurf Upstream Backbone is fibre sourced with 1/1 upload/download speeds.Our wireless network coverage areas include Bela Bela , Nylstroon, Pienaars Rivier and all surrounding farming and rural areas.

See attach images off all the tower sites and coverage maps.2. VPN only services: Should you require only point to point VPN connections, Wisurf can provide you with such service locally through our wireless network or nationally through our Internet services.3. Wireless and Wired Data Networking services: Wisurf can plan, setup, implement and improve private secure wired and wireless data networks for households, offices, Lodges and even complexes. We setup from CANs to MANs. We are experienced in all types of wired networks with network segmentation and static and dynamic routing.

We can also setup mobile wireless networks and hotspots within closed complexes such as schools, universities, Lodges, office blocks, buildings, shopping centres, malls etc. We constantly train our technical staff to the latest of data communication technologies. Our work includes a 3 month warranty on labour.4. VOIP Services: State of the art VOIP platform where clients can enjoy the lowest prices on calls.

With our High Speed internet and VOIP Solution we provide in towns and rural areas which is abandonment by all the big telecoms operators in South Africa.5. Support Call Centre: Wisurf uniquely provides a dedicated friendly support call centre at hours convenient to Registered Wisurf Clients.

Wisurf provides this service free of charge. 6. Support Callout Services: Wisurf has two mobilized teams available for Client on-site support services. Our hourly and travel distance rates are unique.9. General IT Consultants: That includes Networking on costumers premises, selling and repairing of Computers, Laptops and Printers. Software and Hardware fault finding “With Wisurf you always receive:- Affordable Quality Internet & VPN Services- Affordable Quality Networking Services- Affordable Quality On-Site Support ServicesAll Wisurf products and services are carefully picked or tailored to meet customer budgets, while maintaining value to our highly appreciated Clients.