We have spent a lot of resources to increase our network stability and speed over the last year. We have also increased our Fibre Internet and are in discussions with our providers to increase that even more in the next year.

Please remember that the different classes of service are designed for different uses.
Bronze, which is priced the lowest, is aimed at Home Users and have a lower priority than the other packages.
Silver is designed for Small Office and Home Office users, as well as Gamers and
Gold is designed for Business Users, who are dependent on a higher priority and speed, especially during office hours.

All our current packages will stay the same, but all new clients will be on new package structure. If you do not reach the speed, which you are paying for, please contact our Support Desk at Tel. No. 014-736 2004 to look into the matter.

Speed tests are also not very reliable, as you are testing via the internet to other Internet Service Providers and are dependent on their available bandwidth. We use the speed tests that are built into our equipment to test network speeds to measure the true connection speed.

You do not have to do anything to migrate to the new packages; you will notice that the descriptions on your Tax Invoices will change to the new names but the amount, which you pay, will stay the same as before. We will need the relevant forms to be completed for any other changes made to Internet Packages, e.g. Upgrades

Thank you for your continued support.

We also welcome your feedback.

With kind regards